Eclectic Treasures

By Mike Byrne

A portfolio of my eclectic mixed media art


Like most artists, I strive to elicit an emotional reaction from my viewers. Specifically, I love it when I see a viewer react with that amusing "aha" moment.

I use concrete and plaster in a lot of my work, but I especially like to use found objects to create fun and satirical art pieces. When working with ready-mades, my design process typically involves looking at the object and imagining how it might be reinterpreted. I sketch the object to determine the overall size, proportions, and display requirements. Then I actually manipulate it, eliminating some original parts, twisting, bending, repainting,  resizing, or adding to the piece. 

I serve up objects in unexpected ways, but I try not to disguise their original purpose. I often add titles to my pieces that are intellectually playful and produce a connection to the viewer.