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Artist Mike

I am Mike Byrne and I have been working with some form of concrete and cement for over 35 years. I gained an appreciation for art while attending Truman State University in Missouri and Penn State. I did a lot of concrete work when building my first home back in the late 1970s. By profession, I have been an educator and management consultant, but I have always made time along the way for one artistic endeavor or another - all involving concrete or cement.

I joined my love of Japanese gardens with my love of concrete and began casting Japanese lanterns and other garden sculptures, including garden stepping stones. All of my castings were done from molds I custom built myself.

Finding my work with molds very appealing, I began creating miniature cement blocks. Over several years I expanded both my block and mold selections to include over 16 varieties of blocks. I have also done custom miniature blocks and molds for a number of pre-cast concrete companies.

A few years ago, I started doing more art type pieces. I specialize in bas-relief, tablets, and geometric shapes. I use various types of cement and found objects as a medium which allows me to draw the essence of various art periods into my style. My work is heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, and Art Deco architecture. My work is designed to be tactile in nature. Most recently, I have evolved into creating concrete and plaster castings of flowers and other botanicals.

All of my pieces are cast in original handcrafted molds made of concrete, wood, clay, or rubber. Most of my castings are one-off or limited runs.

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