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My name is Barb Byrne and I am a fused glass artist. I took my first glass fusing class at a local community center in 2009, got “hooked,” bought my first kiln, and as they say “the rest is history.”

I continue to learn about the firing process through live classes, books, online videos, webinars, and lots of experimentation. I produced mostly jewelry pieces for a few years, but then decided to branch out into small plates, bowls, and home décor items like nightlights.

My favorite projects involve working with powdered glass and one of my “tiger eyes” pieces took third place in its category at a local art show in July 2015.

After purchasing a second, larger kiln, I expanded into creating larger powder pieces along with mandalas and tapestry pieces.

I invite you to come back often to see what my newest creations.

Artist Barb

Original fused glass art, jewelry, and home decor items                                 Original plaster, cement, and concrete castings

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